This is Katie


She is the creator and founder of She is also the most passionate, talented, creative, kind and loyal person anyone could ever meet.

I was so excited when she asked if we could work together to create some headshots for her business.


Authentic personal branding is so important for headshots.  I wanted the images to showcase the essence of Katie’s work and to be a true reflection of her personality.

Texture, Nature, Shapes, Hiding … and Magic!

We decided on a very relaxed and natural outdoor shoot in Wendover, incorporating the texture, natural objects and shapes that Katie uses in her workshop.  I also wanted to bring in an aspect of ‘hiding’.  Literacy is shrouded by hidden sounds and letters that can be extremely challenging for some children. Moreover, children have hidden abilities that Katie is able to bring out during her workshops.  Then there is the magic. Because her work does feel like magic. 

Love of Literacy

Katie devotes her time to helping dyslexic children read. Well not ‘just to read’. To LOVE to read. To FEEL that magic. Katie passionately believes that every child can learn beyond what is expected of them.  Her vast teaching experience and research (having recently completed an MA with the highest honours in Special and Inclusive Education) evidences how fundamental reading – and its absolute link to spelling – is for children to achieve an innate sense of self and worth. 

See the sparkle

I recently photographed Katie running a workshop. It was nothing short of mind blowing.  Katie worked with the children on a range of different strategies to feel, and most of all enjoy, all of the words of the stories that they had previously thought were reserved for the sole enjoyment of ‘good readers’.  It was incredible.   

Those two short hours injected a sparkle. Not a Christmas or a birthday or a special treat sparkle. A sparkle that comes from within. A sparkle that radiates ones sense of self and worth. 

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