Encouraging a friendly neighbourhood support network

Right now we are surrounded by people that feel both vulnerable and isolated but also, overwhelmingly, by people that want to help and are not sure where to start.

How can you help?

A positive and proactive thing to do is to set up a Neighbourhood WhatsApp Support Group.

What will a Neighbourhood WhatsApp Group do?

  • Help each other with basic things like shopping
  • Building some social contact (by Phone or WhatsApp)
  • Share other supportive ideas
  • Singing from our windows – who knows!

How do we do set it up?

This morning my lovely neighbour and hand delivered the attached letter, which we printed on both sides, to 72 houses in our fairly small immediate neighbourhood.

The response has been so overwhelmingly positive that I want to share a template for our letter, should you find it helpful. Please feel free to download, use and share.

What if people don’t have WhatsApp?

This may not be for everyone – and that is fine. There is no pressure to join.

For people that are unsure as how to install WhatsApp I have offered to knock on doors, observing social distancing, with anti bac wipes, and do it for them.

Share your ideas!

If you have any other ideas, please share them!

With best wishes for good health.

Sarah x

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