“One day, all your children will have are pictures of you. Make sure you’re in them. No matter what your hair looks like, your makeup, or your body, they won’t care about any of that, they’ll just want to see you.” unknown

To our children, we are, and always will be, beautiful … no matter what.  Equally, we will forever love looking back at images of our children, at every precious and fleeting stage of their lives.

The emotions of motherhood

So often we mums make excuses to not feature in photographs, but it really is important that we do.  Photographs make us remember sounds, smells and emotions that otherwise might be lost forever.  I can feel the tears pricking now as I think of losing any thoughts of how my children are right now, and our bond together.

Keep your memories safe

For this reason, and amidst some of my less virtuous habits involving chocolate and gin, something that I do every year without fail, is to create photo albums of our year’s adventures. The children love flicking through and only this weekend, they each had their ‘baby albums’ out, comparing who had the darkest hair and chubbiest cheeks.

Candid, magical moments

My favourite images are always the most candid ones, the ones where I can still feel the ripples of their belly laughs or that breathless moment of pride as they did something wonderful.  But mostly and simply, just how magical it feels, to have been together.

Be real

Of course I tend to include the photos in my albums where I like the angle or the light or where I’ve put on some make-up and a nice outfit, it would be a crying shame not to, but I also put in the ‘real’ photos – with the silly face and soft tummy, the ones that show just how their mummy actually looks. It’s so important to have both.

Take Selfies!

So, my message is this – Get in the selfies,  ask your husband to take the photographs too, and, if they’re not perfect, it doesn’t matter. Keep them in an album that your children will look at and love forevermore.

Mother’s Day treat to cherish forever

To encourage a few more mums (and keen grandmothers) to get into the photos that you WANT to share on your walls, myself and my own very talented (Wendover based) hairdresser Amanda Gordon are offering a special Mother’s Day treat:

An hour (ish) of hair and make-up pampering with Amanda and then straight on to a 45 minute family photoshoot at a lovely local location in Wendover.

I will then create beautiful natural photographs of you at your very best, having fun and making memories with your most favourite people.